No-One Said It Was Going to Be Easy

Literally, no-one said the first year of marriage was going to be easy. Absolutely not one person told us the first year of marriage was going to be fun, everyone said the exact opposite.

What did Ilya and I do? We laughed. We thought never us. Oh man, were we wrong.

The fairy tale honeymoon stage does not happen when you marry a resident. We packed our things, moved to New York and it’s been a new life ever since.

We are both #blessed to be working for amazing organizations but, most of all, we moved to New York with these new found opportunities, which we will forever be grateful for.

The transition to New York City has been tough on me, which tough is an understatement.

Like, where is the advice column for girls who marry residents? How come there isn’t a newlywed period for them? When do I get my husband back?!

I miss my husband more than anything in the world. For nearly two years, Ilya and I have spent every waking second we could with each other and now, not so much. Did I mention I miss him?

When we started dating I went to Israel for six months and although I was in my favorite place in the entire world, every page of my journal from that time is filled with sentences about how I was dying without Ilya and how I was so madly in love.

In Israel though, I knew I couldn’t see him, he was a 10-hour plane ride away.

In New York, he’s right here and I can’t even see him. He’s doing amazing at work and I’m so proud of him. Plus, I love hearing stories from the hospital, I think that’s why we really work, LOL.

When he is sleeping in the morning, exhausted from yet again another 12-13 hour shift, I wake up and just stare at his face. He’s so precious when he’s sleeping, he looks like an angel.

So what do you do when you’re a newlywed, a new wife, struggling with the joys of marriage and being an adult?

YOU PICK UP HOBBIES. CourseHorse has become my one true companion along with all 17 of my plants.

I feel like an 80-year-old who has her Mahjong tournaments planned out on the calendar for the next year and a half. On Thursday, I come home and place all the plants on my kitchen table and clean and water them. After that, I sit and stare and sometimes make small talk.

My plants are my friends for the meantime in Brooklyn.

As for other hobbies, Michael’s is down the road and that place is a mecca for bored housewives. I fit in perfectly. I browse the aisles with my LuLulemon reusable tote and pick up clearance crafts.

I’ve been able to spend too many dollar bills on canvas’ and oil paints and now claim to almost know how to paint.

My hobbies outside of the house include Macrame, which I’ve only recently picked up after I found a class on CourseHorse on sale.

So yes, there’s other interesting things happening on the Mrs. Aylyarov front but it’s Thursday and my plants need to be tended too. If my prediction is correct, I’ll be sitting shiva soon for one of my succulents. I hope if you make it to New York you’ll bring me some nice cookies for the period of mourning.

Yalla. Bye. ‘Til Next Time.



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